No es culpa tuya, Maria

An interactive fiction by Grendelkhan y Depresiv (2008) - the Inform 7 source text

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Section 8 - Verbos nuevos

Understand "aparta [something]", or "acercate a [something]", or "aproximate a [something]", or "remove [something]", or "remueve [something]", or "levanta [something]" as pushing.

Understand "baila" or "danza" as singing.

Understand "vestir [something]", "viste [something]", "poner [something]" as wearing.

Attacking it with is an action applying to two things.
Understand "ataca [someone] con [something]", or "mata [someone] con [something]", or "ataca a [someone] con [something]", or "mata a [someone] con [something]" as attacking it with.

Fumaring is an action applying to one touchable thing.
Understand "fuma [something]" or "inhala [something]" as fumaring.
Report fumaring: say "No parece que [the noun] se pueda fumar."